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In 2015, founders Brittany and Fiona had the desire to create Her and Her. A production company focused on telling queer and lesbian focused stories. As they evolved, so did the name and mission.

She | Them Productions is a production company that creates a platform for real people to share their truth. We use original content creation to creatively tell that story. From our minds to the script to the screen. A place for people to feel like their story can be told and seen. An inclusive space that can represent anyone’s stories. It's about finding the joy in truth. 


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CEO & Executive Producer

The Founder of She | Them Productions. They are passionate about queer content and normalizing the culture while educating at the same time. They are the writer and creator of the original series Platonic Girlfriend and Chicago Ned & Chicago Petey. 

Brittany is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory (Chicago). Brittany is currently writing a nonfiction book and is the host of the podcast Adult Orphan. When she’s not creating, you can find her hiking with her dogs!

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Creative Partner & Producer

An actress, voice actor, puppeteer, editor, and producer! Though born in Chicago, she’s lived in Japan, London, and Atlanta. Connar loves creating her own content, and getting super hands on with projects. When she's not performing or creating she can be found annihilating an entire bag of sour candy, playing D&D, or looking at pictures of her dog.

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